Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Love With Today

I'm in love with today, every bit of it.

The kids didn't wake us up at an unreasonable hour and we had waffles for breakfast.  We went for a walk as a family before getting ready for the day and dropping the dad off at the lightrail.

The kids and I went to the new Riverview Park.  It's pretty awesome.  We'll add it to our list of fishing locations and splash pad summer hang outs.

The weather was perfect and I loved just being with my kiddos.  Afterwards we went to McDonald's because Mr. Hyrum was introduced to that place by his Grannie and he asks to go there every time we drive by.  Sometimes a mother just has to splurge.  He even got his first Happy Meal.  

After lunch we ran around town doing other errands and then went to pick up our dad from four o'clock!! We are loving this whole part time TSA business.  We came home and Husband and the kids worked in the yard while the momma made dinner.  Add some peanut butter cookies, family home evening, and the kids in bed.  I'd say that's a great day.

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