Sunday, January 5, 2014

Who am I kidding?

Forget catching up on the last three months of the year, it would seem I missed blogging the entire month of September as well.  So pardon the fact that things are going to be a little out of order here, but I want who would want to miss September?

We went to the Diamondbacks game.  It was the fourth anniversary of Husband and I going to the Diamondbacks game when he came out to visit for the first time (even though we realized that after we were already there, we're not romantic enough to do something like that on purpose).

 Thanks for the photo bomb, Pops.

Hyrum decided to make his own chocolate milk.  Not very successfully.

 Luckily, I've tried to be the kind of mom who laughs, takes pictures, and cleans up memories.

 Lindi is just a doll.

 A doll who is just the master of tummy time.

 We soaked up the last few trips to the splash pad.

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