Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Comedic Moments

We've had a few comedic moments around here lately.

Let's start off with the things I do when I'm half asleep and in charge of the children.  Seriously?  Her onsie flaps are hangin' out and she's got socks pulled up over her leggings.  I remember changing a diaper and thinking her feet were cold, but by golly!  Oh the life of a momma night nurse.

Speaking of being a momma night nurse.  On Monday night all of us nurses just laughed until we cried because there were so many Code Browns back to back and all at the same time and all night long and it got to the point where you either just laugh or you have to cry.  And then I while I was mopping last night I just giggled out loud to myself thinking about that patient who told me my husband was such a lucky guy.  A lucky guy because I'll be Nurse Brown taking care of his Code Browns when he gets old.

Oh and my silly husband...I need an "alternate" wedding ring.  Since Lindi was born I have lost a lot of weight.  One side effect is that my wedding ring is particularly loose.  I got especially nervous about this after one of the nurses lost his wedding ring down the laundry shoot at work the other day, never more to be seen.  So, I requested a new ring, just a tungsten carbide band. $14.99 on Amazon.  Tonight Husband says to me,
"Go ahead and order your ring on the 1st."
"I'm not ordering it!"
"I'm not going to buy my own wedding ring!!"
"Ok then, but I'll use your money."
Funny.  Mostly because it's pretty true. ;)

And we can't forget to mention Hyrum.  Today he told me he needed medicine.  Vaseline is my medicine of choice these days.  Today he needed it on his side because he "had too much fun."

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