Thursday, July 11, 2013

The New Normal

At one point in the last couple of weeks, I asked Husband how long we had to be in survival mode before the new normal kicked in.  His wise response was that I would probably wake up one morning and realize we'd been in the new normal for a while.  I remember thinking, "Oh please! Don't let today be the new normal."

Before Lindi arrived people would talk about the transition Hyrum would have to make, but no one really talked about the transition I would have to make. I figured, "We've done this before! It'll be a piece of cake this time." It is not a piece of cake. 

It is hard. 

But, now that we're nearing one month, I think we can say that we've entered the new normal. (If anything can be normal as we pack up and move...) The new normal doesn't make any of it much easier, but now we know what to expect and things have become manageable instead of out of control. There are still moments when things get a little hectic. Three poopy diapers back to back to back amidst a lot of angry crying can be a little wild, but hey! I'll take three poopy diapers over a poop 'splosion. 

Besides, being the mother of two beautiful, funny children is totally worth it. Hyrum cracks me up nearly every day and I can't believe how smart he is. And every time I look at Lindi I can't help but wonder how we got lucky enough to have two blue-eyed children.  

Motherhood is the best!

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  1. Ahh, I still can't believe you're a mama Jeri Lin! When did we get old enough for this to be the normal?! Haha. But your babies are beautiful and I love hearing about your family's adventures!


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