Monday, March 11, 2013

Survivor Mud Run

Pops and Husband did the Survivor Mud Run on Saturday.  It was ridiculous.  I don't think anyone was expecting as much mud as their was.  The pouring rain all day Friday definitely made it an event to remember.  

When we got there, we dropped the boys off and the girls (Keila and Sydney) and I went to park.  We were slippin' and slidin' and spinning tires and the big trucks in front of us were getting stuck.  I didn't like the stress of it.  Keila was laughing, saying, "I should have drove!  This is fun!"


This is Pops in the first mud bog (2nd obstacle).  This is where Husband's shoes got sucked off and he decided to ditch them.  He did the rest of the race barefoot.

There was mud everywhere, even along the track where we were following along.  Keila and Sydney ditched their shoes too.  I'm just glad I didn't wear my new tennies.

The monkey bars were Pops' best event.  :)

What I didn't capture very well in the pictures were the never ending hills.  This race was on a dirt bike track so it was up and down and up and down.  The downs were all filled with mud and water from the rain.  Pops  almost made it to the top of one hill just to slide all the way down.  Bummer!  Needless to say, this race was a toughie!  We all agreed it was much harder (and longer) than the Devil Dash they did with Bryton last year.

Everyone had a good time.  The guys tried to rinse off in the showers afterwards, to no avail.  I was grateful we had taken the truck and not my car.  One of these days (when I'm not pregnant) I'll have to join these guys in a race!

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