Friday, March 8, 2013

New Schedules and Tuna Sandwhiches

I think it's a little ridiculous how many schedules Husband has gone through in less than a year of working at the TSA.  Between the routine shift bids, upgrades to full-time, etc., we've had our fair share of changes.  Today we found out that starting in April, he will work 12:00pm-8:30pm, Wednesday through Sunday.  Ugh.  While in some ways it's better than what he has now, it's also not the best we could have hoped for.  I'm trying to be positive about it.  At least he'll be home by nine every night and we can go to bed at the same time.  That will be refreshing.

On top of that schedule change, I have to try to squeeze in 9 twelve hour shifts at AZ Heart Hospital between March 18th and April 17th.  So how do I make my preceptor's schedule match Husband's schedule, and if not his, match Grannie's?  It's impossible.  The fact that I need to find someone willing to watch Hyrum for 7+ hours three or four times makes me want to cry.  I hate asking people for huge favors like that.  And poor Hyrum.  I feel bad.  Somehow, we've made things work so that he's only spent a few hours at a time on rare occasions with someone besides Mom, Dad, or Grannie.  I know.   He'll be fine.  It won't give him brain damage, but I've so enjoyed being his full-time mother the past couple of weeks...

Of course, the worry in the back of my mind is, "And we think I'm going to start working full-time in December (or thereabouts) when I have two kids to leave at home (or with someone else) and I'm the new hire who has to work all sorts of crazy schedules?"  Right...because that's going to go over smoothly.  What am I thinking?

In happier news, Hyrum talks more than I would have ever thought a little kid could.  He can articulate almost anything he wants to say.  He tries to say everything I do.  I've learned that I have a few expressions I must use often, because he does too.  "Oh mean!" (AKA "Oh man!") and "Super!"  This morning he helped me make waffles and banana bread.  He did an excellent job of dumping my measuring cups into the bowl.  Then, when I was pouring batter into loaf pans he says, "Mom! Helper!"  Reminding me that he is my helper and I can't do it on my own.  

As for tuna sandwiches.  My pregnant self is insatiable.  I always want to be eating.  My latest favorite is tuna sandwiches.  Really.  Homemade bread and tuna with mayo and mustard and relish.  Delicious.  Never thought I would say that.  I had it for dinner last night.  I planned for Hyrum to have it for dinner too, but he visibly shuddered when he tried it.  I've been there before, buddy.

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  1. I have been loving tuna too!! :) We found that our favorite ways is in a "melt" form...with a slice or two of pepperjack cheese, a little mustard and maybe some cut up pickles....YUM. *mouth currently watering*


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