Friday, March 1, 2013

Mothering Faux Pas

Faux pas is a French phrase meaning " false step."  Synonyms include "blunder," "boo-boo," "indiscretion," or "mistake."

We built Hyrum's big boy bed today.  I've been aching to for a week, but we finally gathered the right tools today.  Don't ask me why I have wanted to so badly.  Maybe it's because he just seems so big to me.  Maybe it's because I want him to be used to it by the time Baby comes.  I don't know...

So we built the bed and we packed away the crib.  Faux pas.

I really needed Hyrum to take a nap today.  Badly.  I have a paper to write and it's not going to happen without some Mom-and-her-computer quiet time.  Needless to say, nap time didn't happen today.  We had an hour and a half long wrestling match, though!  :)

His two favorite words became "Nope" and "Done."  He wiggled and he wriggled and he flipped.  He grunted and he giggled and he cried.  We read stories and sang songs and rocked in the rocking chair.

At one point I told him he needed to sleep and demonstrated by closing my eyes and pretending to snore.  So he closed his eyes and pretended to snore.  It didn't make him any sleepier.

Husband said he'll build the crib again tomorrow.  Call me stubborn, but he's going to sleep in this big boy bed whether he likes I like it or not.

And yes, I needed to blog about it right now, because now maybe I can forgive him and the rest of our day can be happy and joyful.


  1. I never had papers to write but always needed mom time and those transitions were rough. I am sure you have much more patience than I ever did. Hope it smooths out quickly

  2. You are BRAVE! Richard basically forced me to move Marshall to a bed when Bridget was 6 weeks old. Awful transition. Really though, bedtime was not so bad (a miracle), but naps quickly became non-existent. Now with baby #3 on the way I have NO desire to move Bridget into a bed any time soon. I am perfectly content to have two kids in a crib. Good luck!!!


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