Monday, January 7, 2013

Where Did December Go?

December flew by.

We were hardly ever home.

Luckily, I got anxious and set up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving.

We spent a majority of December at Grannie and Pops' house it seems.

We watched the kids and drove them to and from school and fed them and did laundry etc. while Grannie and Pops drove up to Provo with Elder Shinkle.

We celebrated birthdays, complete with chips & salsa...

and ice cream cake.

We watched the aunties and uncle again while Grannie and Pops went on a little vacation.

And then stayed there for a few days before and after Christmas just because we couldn't get enough of them.

Hyrum solidified his relationship with Uncle "Haydeen" and still talks about Haydeen and how he is is "buddy" etc. etc. etc.

We love the Shinkle family and were glad for all the extra time we were able to share with them.

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  1. That picture of Hyrum with his face in the cake is just to funny!! :)


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