Sunday, January 20, 2013

Favorite Things

Little Boy has a few favorite things these days.

1. Basketball: this includes playing with the new hoop he got for Christmas, throwing any kind of ball, or watching any kind of sport.  It's all basketball.

2. Running and Crashing:  He loves to run.  He loves to say "run run running" when he runs.  He loves to purposely crash when he runs.  He loves to crash cars and trucks and tractors and boats.

3. Owies:  He is fascinated with owies.  He points at owies and hits himself and says "Owie!"

4. Apples:  He loves eating apples.  More specifically he loves eating oranges, which he calls apples.  He knows how to get them out of the fridge himself.

5. Stories:  He loves reading stories, especially "Little Blue Truck" and "Hop on Pop."

6. Holding Mom:  He loves having Mom hold him, even though he is getting too big and Mom is getting too big for all of this holding stuff.  He says, "Hold you me" when he wants held.

7.  Mater: First thing every morning he asks to watch Mater, which is Cars, Cars 2, or Mater's Tall Tales.  He asks again when it's over.  And again later when he thinks Mom has forgotten that he already watched it once (or twice) that day.

This little guy of ours is growing up.  He's going to be a big brother soon.  We're so excited to see what kind of personality this next one has.  We wouldn't mind if Baby wants to be just like Big Brother.

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