Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Busting the Binky

I am ever so grateful that my child was one of those kids that would take a binky.  They are lifesavers.  And luckily, weaning him from his binky all of the time to just at night and nap time was an easy task.  Unfortunately, getting rid of it completely has been a different story.

I tried a couple of months ago to "pull the plug."  I was in the middle of a busy semester and Husband was working nights.  Needless to say, after a couple of rough nights I gave in and decided that the binky would just have to stay.

Then, while we were in Texas (thanks to car trips to Houston and plane rides) the binky became the desired object.  The Boy would ask for his binky in the car, when he was tired, when he wasn't tired.  It got old fast. So, on our first night back, I told him that the binky was going "bye-bye."  He put up a fuss on that first night.  He wanted his binky!  But I didn't give in.  We sang songs and read stories until he fell asleep.  Yes, we had to get up a few times during the night to console him, but we were sticking to it!

Yesterday he refused to take a nap.  He was exhausted, but he just wouldn't.  So when bedtime finally came, he was ready to sleep.  We put on his new dinosaur jammies and brushed his teeth.  Into bed.  Covers on.  Let's read Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book.  He was out like a light.  AND he made it through the whole night with only a couple of love taps when he got a little fussy.

The next few nights will be the determining factor.  Husband will be back at work and as much as I'm in denial, school is in session.  But we're going to bust it.

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  1. Good luck! So much going on, it would be a miracle if he stayed off the binky and went to bed like a champ for you :)


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