Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thoughts I've been saving...

I think being pregnant and not telling is the hardest thing in eternity.  Your whole world has changed and you can't tell anyone...

Here are a few thoughts I've been saving:

1. I think I knew for sure I was pregnant when I realized that once again sneezing/laughing was synonymous with peeing your pants.

2.  That moment when your pediatric faculty says something to the effect of "not that any of you are pregnant...that I know of..." And you just want to raise your hand.

3. Sitting through OB lecture getting excited for the excitement and beauty of pregnancy while everyone else groans and talks about never wanting to be ever.

4.  Going into the clinic to get a flu shot from Dad.  Having to check the yes box after the "Are you pregnant?" question.  Hoping he's not too observant.

5. Every time another nursing student complains about being tired, wanting to rolls your eyes and say, "You have no idea...really."

6. Remember the good ol' days when all I was taking were prerequisite courses and I didn't have a toddler demanding time and attention?  Yeah...those days are long gone.

Baby Number Two is on the way!  Baby is scheduled to arrive somewhere around June 13, 2013!


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you!! :D

  2. So excited for you! It was great to see you over Thanksgiving! Love you!


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