Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Day

Today was a big day. First day back to school in eight months kind of big. First day of upper division nursing kind of big. First day for Hyrum and Tony to be on their own for an extended period of time kind of big. Tony's first get up early, watch the boy, drop him off at Grannie's, teach seminary, drive straight to Home Depot, close at Home Depot, and try to get some sleep before we start all over at 5:00am kind of big.

It was also a hot day. I think I got a sunburn from walking to and from the lightrail. Blue eyes, fair complexion, I don't care. It's just too hot and the sun is too harsh for any living soul to be outside.

So, a few highlights of the day before I hit the sack...

1. A friendly reminder in my scripture study this morning to "Cast not away therefore your confidence" (Hebrews 10:35. School has always been the right decision. Just because it's about to get really difficult doesn't change that fact.

2. Hyrum was "a perfect angel" for Dad and Grannie.

3. The lactation room on campus actually isn't all that bad. It did the job. I love my WIC breast pump. Portable, mine to keep, and totally free.

4. Getting out of class a half hour early.

5. Talking to Husband for most of my ride home. He's spectacular, in case you didn't know.

6. Seeing my little boy again. Getting him to smile and giggle and knowing he didn't change too much while I was gone.

7. (A preemptive highlight) Getting to crawl into bed with Husband.

We're going to have nothing but big days from here on out. Three and a half months until Christmas vacation. We can handle it.


  1. Oh Jeri Lyn--- reading your blog is dejavu in so many ways. It reminds me of when I was in school with a baby. YOu are right, just because it is really hard, doesn't change the fact that school is really important. GOOD LUCK! How nice to have your mom to watch him. We're rooting for you up here, just so you know. It is possible! I firmly believe it and know it. Love you!!!

  2. She's not always available but it's a blessing when she is. I'm glad things worked out so Tony can do a lot of the tending too. It's going to be a crazy time but we're looking forward to the adventure.

  3. Best of luck to all of you! See you soon, hopefully!


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