Thursday, May 12, 2011

Joys of Motherhood

I have been a mother for 23 days.  In those 23 days, I have discovered a number of "JOYS."

1.  Those little grins that may or may not be caused by gas.  It doesn't matter if they are or not, because either way, they melt your heart.

2.  "Happy first Mother's Day!"

3.  Receiving a candy bar at church on Mother's Day because you are a mother and you deserve fifteen one.

4.  An aching back at the end of the day because he wouldn't sleep or sit in his swing or lay on the floor and wanted to be held by his momma...all because you like spicy food.  Sorry.  He doesn't like spicy milk.

5.  That fresh-from-the-bathtub-baby smell.

6.  Seeing his daddy (who now works nights and tries really hard to sleep during the day, even when the baby is crying) love his little boy.

7.  Crying really hard in the shower so your husband doesn't hear you, but being heard anyway.

8. Going on a walk for the first time in three weeks!

9.  Saying, "Oh Hyrum!  Your momma wants her momma!" at least once a day.

10.  Getting up in the middle of the night to feed the little guy because you love him.

11.  Singing songs all day long.

12.  Little teeny tiny sneezes.

13.  Family prayer.  Family scripture study.  Family Home Evening.

14.  Little bitty baseball gloves.

15.  Doing 10 times more laundry even though only one little body joined the family.

Hooray for being a mom!

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  1. Yes they are all joys of motherhood and also trials but when they hug you smile or say "I love you" everything else disappears if only for a short while. I love the picture of him in his seat so adorable can't wait to see him.


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