Friday, April 8, 2011

Hit the Brakes!

Literally, that's what happens when you hit week 37.  For a solid 8 months, you're just cruisin' along, enjoying pregnancy, and then SCREECH! I hope you were wearing your seat belt.

It's really unfortunate that due dates are "approximations."  The fact that I could have Baby tonight or 3 weeks from now is a pretty terrible thought.  When you're officially 37 weeks, you start saying "any day" when people ask when the baby will come, but let me tell ya.  After 6 days of "any day," it seems like "any day" is never.

"You're dilated to a two?!  I had my baby the next day when I found out I was a two!!"
"I was stuck at a two for a month."
"Wow!  I think you've dropped.  I'm sure you'll have that baby this weekend!" 
"You've always carried that baby really low."
"Have you been having contractions?"
"Eat this lemon cupcake.  It'll put you into labor."

Come on guys...

A day or so ago I was driving home from work and I had this crazy  thought.

I'm going to be a MOM. 

Weird.  I don't think I fully comprehend that concept.  I don't think I really understand what it means to be a mom. It'll be really neat to figure it out.

Until then...I'll just keep swimming through peanut butter, because that's about how it feels to wait for a baby to arrive.

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  1. you seriously cracked me up. EVERYONE always says that. PEople tell me I've dropped (I've actually never dropped with any of my babies) tell me the way I'm carrying means I'm having a boy (when really I am having a girl) and that morning sickness means I'm having a girl (I had morning sickness alld ay long with all my kids!)--- I've now just gorwn to laugh at the peanut gallery. They don't know anything, but I love how firmly they believe they do.

    This last stretch is going to be long, but soak it up. Your life is changing forever. For the better no doubt. Just with a lot less sleep.

    Love you, girl! One day we'll meet. :) Until then, I'm sending you the BEST gift ever. In my humble opinion anyway. ;)


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