Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aunt Jeri Lin & Uncle Tony

I could be an AUNT for the first time EVER at ANY moment.  Baby Jacie Lynn is on her way!  Tony has conceded that his little sister Whitney, who has beaten him at pretty much everything, is going to have the privilege of first grandbaby.  We did all the coaxing and sweet-talking we could, but Baby Brown has decided not to steal Jacie Lynn's glory.  I'm still hoping that I can go into labor within the next couple of hours, that way they can at least share the same birthday, but I think that's unlikely.  Besides, my fortune cookie said, "This week your lucky day is Saturday. Enjoy the fun."  I GUESS I can wait until Saturday...if I HAVE to.

Aside from all that excitement, Tony brought me home some of the Olive Garden Andes chocolate mints from work yesterday.  I ate them.  They were delightful.  They made my heart sing.  And then they were gone.

I'm totally excited for the day when we can try out our JEEP jogging stroller.  It's pretty sweet.  Thanks Dr. Brown, again.  [By the way, we still don't know what our children will call Dr. Brown.  Dr. Brown, perhaps?]

That's about all of my random thoughts for this afternoon, besides that I want my baby so that I can hold it and kiss it and love it!


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