Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Grandma Brown took us to the Anatole in downtown Dallas for their Christmas event called "Sparkle!"  We went on a Monday night early-ish in December, so we had the whole place to ourselves!

There were a couple of bounces houses, where the kids spent a majority of their time.

Meanwhile, the adults took turns playing ping-pong.  Husband was re-living his pre-mission days when he and his mom played a lot of ping-pong.  They're pretty evenly matched.

Hyrum had talked all day about going ice skating and boy didn't he look cute with those fancy skates on??

It only took him two seconds on the ice to realize he was terrified and wanted nothing to do with the sport.  I was a mean mom and made him finish the lap around the rink.  There were lots of tears.

It was a fun little family night out. Oh! and I can't forget to mention that we ate dinner at Desperados.  We all wiped our plates clean.  Their food is to die for!

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