Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dallas Arboretum

One of our August activities was to take advantage of the Dallas Arboretum "Dollar Days."  In other words, we fell for the "It's so hot we know people won't come for $15 or even for $2 so come for $1!"

It was ridiculously hot, but we had a great time and there were plenty of places to cool off.

We started off by doing a science experiment.  We used a refractometer to measure the amount of sugar in three different flowers.  Based on our results and our knowledge of bees, we selected which flower a bee was most likely to visit.  It was simple, but fun.  We got to use real life science equipment and a scientist was there to lead us all along the way.

They had a fun water area where you could get wet and learn about turbines, water wheels, etc.

The Children's Garden was huge and we probably only saw half of it before we left to see "Planes 2" so we'll have to go again another day.  We also really enjoyed the other areas of the Arboretum.  My favorite were the decorative peppers.

Lindi got all tuckered out.  Hooray for our hiking backpack.  Best Christmas gift EVER.

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