Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teenage Lindi and Heat Stroke

Oh what adventures we have had today...

Lindi had her well child visit. How reassuring to know that her eating habits are normal for her age. She's in the teenage years of babyhood. It's time for her to test what she can get away with and what she can't. It's time for me to choose my battles and stick to my guns.

The first battle I chose is her sleeping habits. No more momma bouncing her to sleep. No more climbing in mom's bed at night. The Dr said to start during the day, because if she can't do it during the day, there's no way she'll do it at night. So, when we came home, in her bed she went. I sang to her and talked to her and held her hand and patted her back, but I did not get her out. She cried and made a big scene and it lasted longer than I wanted it to, but she eventually she went to sleep and took a good long nap. We'll see how the next few days go. It could be rough.

This afternoon I got the kids ready for the Wet Zone and we walked the mile over there and discovered they are closed on Tuesday. Well, we had walked all that way, why not go a little farther and play at the lake? Well, the lake is so low that you can't get to it from the road, so we ended up turning around and coming back. We were hot and miserable. Hyrum said, "I'm almost out of poop." Translation: "I'm pooped." Ha! So we filled up the little kiddie pool as soon as we were home and we are enjoying the shade. So far, the mosquitos have left us alone. Whether or not that's true or they are sneaky remains to be seen.

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