Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Coolest Thing Since Otter Pops

I read somewhere online that, for Arizona kids, splash pads are the coolest things since otter pops.  True story, I say!

Hyrum and I did a lot of splash padding earlier in the summer before Lindi arrived.  We were so excited to find out that there's one not too far from our new place.  It's a great getaway in the late afternoon/early evening when you need something fun to do.  Plus, Hyrum has enjoyed having aunts and an uncle to join in on all the fun.

 P.S. Don't you just love Husband's farmer's tan?  It could win a competition.

Sad story...this is the first picture of all four of us. Yes.  Lindi is almost two months old.  Major mom fail.

 I think we"ll take Grandma and Grandpa to check it out this afternoon!

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