Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Easter Pageant

Of all the nights they had the Easter Pageant this year, we could only make it on the very last night.  Knowing it was everyone's last chance to go and a Saturday night, we showed up two hours early so that we could stake a claim on the prime grass seats.  Brown Family tradition required a stop at Pizza Hut on the way for the once-a-year-spoil-the-dad stuffed crust pizza.

While we think we had some of the best seats in the house, going two hours early with an almost-two-year-old meant distraction.  We spent some time in the Visitor's Center.  Hyrum loved seeing the Christus and kept saying "Big Jesus!"  He also paid particular attention to "Jesus Feet!"

His favorite, though was the reflection pool.  Oh how badly he wanted to get in the pool.  He kept asking me to take off his shoes and his clothes.  "Water!" was the word of the night.

We survived the wait and enjoyed the pageant.  Hryum sat quiet and attentive until he finally fell asleep near the end (it was past his bedtime).  I love the Easter Pageant.  I love learning about the life of Christ and of living prophets today who testify of Him.  I know He lives!

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