Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Goings On

So what's been going on at the Brown household this month?  Just let me tell ya...  It's been kinda crazy.

To celebrate the 4th of July, we went out by Tempe Town Puddle and watched the fireworks.  It was fun, but I would have enjoyed being closer so that we got some more BOOM!  Plus, it was a hot Arizona evening (go figure) and we were being attacked by the bugs.  Shame on us for skipping out early and missing the dust storm.  P.S. I loved carrying Hyrum in my sleepy wrap.

Hyrum has enjoyed his third month of life.  He is as cute as ever (as seen below).  He and Momma are enjoying all the time they have together now because it will be cut drastically in a month when Mom goes back to school.  He was able to go to the Upper Division Nursing Program meeting with me today and he was a big hit with all the girls.  He enjoys tummy time (sorta), visiting Grannie and Pops, video chats with Grandpa and Dr. Brown, and being his happy little self.

As for Mr. Brown, he's one busy guy.  He works a ton at Home Depot (next week it'll be 38 hours).  Sometimes he opens (4:30am!) and sometimes he closes (10:30pm!) and sometimes it's right smack in the middle of the day (bleh!).  On top of that, he's doing a lot of seminary prep work.  He's had a few 13 hour work days this week!  We're so glad he is providing for our family by working so hard!  Hyrum and I love when we get to help him with seminary stuff, otherwise we hardly see him at all!  We helped him set up his new office and we're working on the classroom this weekend.

Tony is also the 1st counselor in the Young Men's program in our ward.  He enjoys working with the boys.  Last weekend he was able to go to Ward Youth Conference with them.  They went and did baptisms at the Gila Valley Temple, at dinner at Casa Mañana, did a service project, played some racquetball, and did a little hiking.  He really enjoyed it.


As for me, the Momma, I've been enjoying every bit of this I can get...

We all know that time with my boy and SLEEP will be in short supply come August 18th.  I'm excited to start the Upper Division Nursing Program, but it will come with a price... Other than that, I'm enjoying my boys, trying out new recipes, reading good books, scrambling to get ready for school, trying to plan game night for our family reunion in two weeks, and loving every minute of it.

Life is good with the Browns.

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