Saturday, March 12, 2016

Park Time

A week or so ago (before it started to rain buckets and buckets) we went to the park. The big kids rode their bikes, we took sandwiches, and it was quite the adventure. 

Ellie loved the pebbles. She just sat and dug in them. I was afraid she might try to eat them, but we only had to tell her not to once or twice. 

Lindi is my little swinging machine. If there's a swing, she wants to be in it and she will do it until her legs fall asleep. 

I captured this moment and it just makes my heart so happy. Look at all those grins! Look at Lindi's big girl hair-do. Look at that Sydney, who I love having around as my sidekick. What a happy little family we have! We are so blessed!

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