Wednesday, July 16, 2014

May Little Things

Life mostly consists of the little things, but the big things tend to get blogged about.  Here are some of the "little things" that happened in May.

Lindi's hair is finally long enough for bows and pig tails and ponytails. Ah! The cuteness kills me.

Hyrum started doing puzzles.  Smart little kid.  We're also trying to practice letters and numbers.

Our first day in the new ward, our kids looked so cute, they decided we would make good Sunbeam teachers.  (I guess that's what happens when your husband joins the ward a month before you.) Thank goodness Lindi has a Grandma that she can be "Sunday buddies" with.

Lots and lots of mosquito kisses.  Skin-so-soft, garlic spray (for the yard), an herb garden.  You name it, we tried it.  I think we've finally got things under control, too.

Harvesting mulberries and making jam.

Texas is being good to us.  I think we'll stick around for a while.  (Now, if only we could talk the Shinkles into moving out here...)

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