Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wake up!

What do you  do in the middle of the night when your head starts bobbing and you can't stay awake? You apologize publicly for allowing the busy-ness of life to keep you from documenting it. 

I am working three nights a week. This week I'm working four in a row. I am off orientation-- a real nurse! There is still a lot I don't know. It can be really stressful. I love it most of the time, but sometimes I wish I could just quit and be a full time mom. I work the weekends, which means that yesterday I slept through most of church. It's awful, I know. I'm turning into my mother. ;)

Husband has not a minute I spare in his busy life. He works and works and watches the kids and helps me catch up on laundry and works and sleeps a bit if he is lucky.  He's been interviewing for jobs and is waiting for the right one to come along.

Hyrum is getting to be so big. He has lost all of his chub! He is still potty training, but improving in lots of ways. He loves to make ultimatums. "We are going to go to the park and to McDonald's and we are going to walk there. Ok mom?!" He cracks us up all the time. He loves his baby sister. 

Lindi is rolling all over the place. She started rice cereal this week. Where did our baby go? She is huge. Yesterday I was sleeping so I could come into work. She was fussy fussy for Dad. She was fed, changed, she didn't want to be happy for anything. I got up and gave her some loves and all fussies went away. She just wanted her Momma. It made me happy. 

Many of you know our house was broken into the day before Thanksgiving. They took both of our laptops, a safe with a gun and important documents, and our temple bags! The police were able to get fingerprints. Now we're just waiting for them to do something else stupid and get caught. In the meantime, we are installing a home security system. 

Life is good. We're trying to stay afloat. Maybe December will be a little kinder than November. 

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