Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day at Banner

It's after 9:00pm.  I have to be up at 5:00am to get my tired little booty out to Banner Thunderbird by 7:30.  I may as well drive to California.  And yet, I am determined to sit here and blog so that I can remember today.

I carpooled with my dad to get to my first day of orientation at Banner Good Sam.  It was a VERY rainy day.  Lucky for us, the windshield wipers on my dad's car might as well be water skis as well as they was awful.  I arrived in plenty of time, though, and figured I would get a head start on my day by pumping (breastmilk, that is).  I am such a good mom.  Except that I am missing vital pieces of my pump.  Great...

Orientation is orientation, complete with complimentary orange juice, bagels and cream cheese, fruit, etc.

Meanwhile, back at home, Husband is trying to get my siblings ready and out the door for school while also wrangling Hyrum and Lindi.  He needs a shower, so he leaves our children in the care of my mother's children.  Lindi poop 'splodes.  Leslie and Sydney ditch out because they're going to be late for school.  Brooke (10) is left to clean up the 'splosion.  It gets on her pants.  She reports she threw up in her mouth.  She did an excellent job of cleaning Lindi.

Husband gets the kids to school and comes home to feed Miss Lindi before bringing me my pump pieces.  She fusses and fights.  I guess we're going to have to become acclimated to the bottle again.

The rain has made for terrible traffic, but Husband finally makes it to Good Sam so that I can pump.  I give my babies hugs and kisses.  I cry because Husband reports that Hyrum "wants to hold Mommy!"  My sweet little babies need their Momma not to be working all day!  Then, Husband makes it home just in time to discover that Hyrum has thoroughly peed his car seat.  Oh joy!  He scrambles to change Hyrum, strip the car seat, feed the three of them, get dressed and ready, and out the door to pass the kids to Grannie and get to his interview.  He makes it with one minute to spare.

Of course, once we're all home, it's time to make dinner, do dishes, catch up on laundry, iron uniforms (don't say it...who irons these days?), brush teeth, and watch the old school "Johnny Lingo" as the kids go to sleep.  Phew!  Tomorrow is a new day.  Just as busy, too!

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