Saturday, December 12, 2009

Teaching and Leading

Our generation has been challenged over and over to take a leadership role in the "return to virtue." No one person can grab modern culture by the horns and reshape it. Not even Hollywood can do that instantly. But a million small choices made by individuals can do what looks impossible. And the fact is, everyone is a leader.

My mom is a veterinarian and shared an interesting insight on leadership. When clients bring pets and kids to the clinic for a check up, the pets and kids often have similar behavior. If the pet is crazy and off the wall, so are the kids. If the kids are quiet and watching and listening, so are the pets. Those pet owners and parents may not realize it, but they are exhibiting leadership. Somehow, the choices they make brings out a certain behavior in their pets and children. Everyone is a leader whether they know it or not.

If people realized the impact their decisions had on the world around them, they could make conscious choices to improve the lives of everyone they interact with. Everyone can be a better spouse, a better friend, better at work, better at community involvement, and better parents.

Teaching our children the gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the most important ways we show leadership. Mosiah and Joseph Smith taught the importance of teaching children. The Family Proclamation is so right in that the worst problems in the world result from the breakdown of the family.

The best way to lead the world is to set an example. President Harold B. Lee stated, " I say to you Latter-day Saint mothers and fathers, if you will rise to the responsibility of teaching your children in the home...the day will soon be dawning when the whole world will come to our doors and will say, 'Show us your way that we may walk in your path.'"

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